Waifu Warrior 2013年4月30日 23時37分
Does multiplayer work okay?
Hey guys; I really want to play Baldur's gate with my friends, but had no luck with the GoG version. Could you maybe share your experiences with the multiplayer? In particular, I'm looking to know if it lags a lot, if it crashes or disconnects at all, and if I have to directly connect to an IP to join a group.
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GreyArcine 2013年5月4日 13時12分 
Currently Direct IP to connect. They claim to be working on a solution that would bypass this and create a lobby system
Venthar 2013年5月4日 13時48分 
I'm having issues
Waifu Warrior 2013年5月4日 16時26分 
Thanks, Grey.

What sorto Issues, Naira?
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