Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

Münchausen by Proxy 2013年4月24日 20時07分
How does this compare to the original? (read details)
The visuals are obviously better, but how does it compare with the way it runs? I'm sceptical about HD remakes because of bad experience (Silent Hill HD, Age of Empires, Devil May Cry).

Is it buggy? or do the patches fix everything up?
How's the multiplayer?

Add anything you think I should know, thanks!
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leshpar 2013年4月25日 1時11分 
The only bug I've run into are with the music during cinematic cutscenes (if you call zooming in on a still image a cutscene). It stutters. The game itself runs perfectly.
Münchausen by Proxy 2013年4月25日 12時37分 
That's good.

and it was what, 1996? That was some high end sh** right there.
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