Chthonic Commissar 2013年4月15日 19時30分
My BGEE wont work
i start it up and it is a jumbel of letters all over the scrren and crashes when i try to play
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KA 2013年4月21日 13時34分 
same thing happens to me
Hangman 2013年4月22日 11時40分 
i played it a few times now whn i launch i get a white screen.. can hear music and see mouse but thats it!
leshpar 2013年4月25日 0時58分 
Try upgrading your video card drivers. If that doesn't work you may have some instabilities in your OS. I'd recommend formatting and reinstalling windows if its been over 2 years since you bought the computer. Windows gets these little quirks about it after an extended period of time that its just too difficult to fix and its significantly quicker to just format and reinstall everything.

Some computers call this "return to factory settings."
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