Omni 2013 04 月 5 @ 6:21上午
Game not showing in profile list.
It needs an image before it will appear. Please add it.
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Omni 2013 04 月 9 @ 9:16上午 
I'm bumping this because it's gay not being able to see Baldur's Gate listed on my profile when viewing all game's that I've played. Please add a picture so this game will be listed.
Omni 2013 04 月 10 @ 8:49上午 
>No Image Available
Omni 2013 04 月 11 @ 9:39下午 
An image would be nice. I'm sure it'd make whom ever uploaded this game to Steam look professional, and not some ♥♥♥♥♥♥bag trying to squeeze more money out of a dead product.
Flashburn 2013 04 月 12 @ 3:38下午 
Complain to Atari. Beamdog wasn't the one responsible for putting BGEE on Steam.
Omni 2013 04 月 13 @ 12:49上午 
I'd rather complain to those who moderate this forum. Even if they have no authority over the game on Steam, they should know the ♥♥♥♥♥♥s who do.

Put the word up the chain and get them off their lazy asses.

It's not hard to upload a picture.
ChevyNoel 2013 04 月 13 @ 9:28上午 
What makes you think forum moderators have any more knowledge than you do about how to get in touch with the responsible members of Atari?
Omni 2013 04 月 13 @ 10:05上午 
Let me take a second to think about that. Oh wait, the position of moderator is appointed to those who manage the game on Steam. You'll notice a tag showing their status as a developer, regardless of their job position within the company.

I understand that you are new here, but come on.
ChevyNoel 2013 04 月 13 @ 12:24下午 
I haven't seen any Atari moderators around, but I don't look in most topics. Atari is also a large company, and people delegated, by large companies, to moderator positions on third party forums often don't have a say in anything, nor know any of the people who do.
Omni 2013 04 月 16 @ 7:46上午 
This needs to go back up to the top of the forum.
Floyd 2013 06 月 27 @ 6:21下午 
UP. This is ridiculous. A single freaking IMAGE, come on, Atari!
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