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Changes that should have been made
Hey I was just thinking it would be nice to see everyones opinions on the changes that should have been added in BG EE.

I myself think that adding character developement like the dialogs with Neera and Rassand for every character would have been a great improvment. This system was improved in the old BG2 so i was dissapointed to see the game developers had shircked it. Mabe adding player created maps and dungons like original D&D would have been cool as well along with extra character customization (changing hair length, body hight, ect)

But anyway please leave your own ideas
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Exodus Mar 17, 2013 @ 6:39pm 
Here are my various ideas.
1.) Making movement "WASD" as opposed to arrow keys, and other non-customizable keys. Not having customizable keys would be unforgivable in today's games. If they truly wanted to make it like more modern, they would have made this option available. I do know various programs are there that can allow you to do this, but really, I shouldn't be made to do this. Why no customizable scroll keys? There were a few other keys I really wanted to change but couldn't.

2.) Changing the random encounters. Imagine a game where every time you slept, there was a, about, 1 in 10 chance of DYING!!! That would be this game. Imagine a game where, on your first trip to a new town, there's a chance of DYING!!! That would be this game. On my first trip from Candlekeep to the nearest town, I was beset by an impossible group of bandits. The same happens often when sleeping.

3.) Different camera schemes. I would like the option of using WASD to move my character with the camera auto-focusing on main character, similar to the camera scheme in Septerra Core. It would be a really good option.

4.) A manual detailing the numbers and stats. If there's one thing I hate, it's a game that hides it's stats. Now, this game certainly isn't the only to do so, but it is a chief offender. Would it hurt to provide any description of what thac0 is? Would it hurt to say that positive modifier to thac0 reduces it? During the months of production, no one could have made a decent manual about such things? As of current, there's NO manual. None. Hm.

5.) More rigorous auto-save. After one of my random-enounters killed me leaving the wilderness for the first village when I was beset by 10 bigrands, I loaded my auto-save. Which was the begining of the game. Hm... not even an auto-save for each new area? I certainly would've appreciated it.

Some context: I never played this game as a kid. I never played D&D before playing this game (aside from Kotor I and II, which uses D&D). I only played the game recently, not for a nostalgia trip like most did. I though "Oh, Enhanced Edition. Should be fun". It wasn't. The random-death mechanics (that is, the impossible Random Encounters), and especially the non-WASD option was a game-killer; the oddity of using arrow keys and mouse meant my torso was perpectually turned to the right. (I was using a laptop, I couldn't just move my monitor to the right to correct).

I know this probably sounds like trolling; please don't take it as such. I suppose I made the mistake of thinking that this was an old game made modern, as opposed to an old game made playable. Great for a nostalgia trip, but not as a modern playing game, and certainly not worth the current price tag.
ChevyNoel Mar 18, 2013 @ 9:14am 
^ They did realease manuals. They have the original manual somewhere, I don't remember where, and they have these available as well Baldur's Gate is a series in which you save often, and under different save files. You should also try to avoid resting a lot in the wilderness at low levels, since it just gives you a couple HP and one or two spellcasts (although spells like sleep help a lot early on). Rest at towns and pay for luxury, where you can heal your low level heroes quite a bit for a small amount of gold.

Use ranged weapons early on so party members do not take as much damage. If you find items with AC bonuses against piercing attacks, put them on a warrior, and have him wander slightly ahead of everyone, so ranged characters attack him more frequently. Once you gain a few levels the game gets a lot easier, and you should no longer have problems with regular encounters or rest encounters.
Nectua Mar 18, 2013 @ 10:17pm 
?? what were you using the arrow keys for? I just use my mouse...
The idea of the game does not lend itself to first person. You control 6, not 1 character so you need to be able to see a bigger battlefield.
The game should auto save whenever you leave an area. Yes that can be a pain, but you have a quick save function an since it saves as you leave you can always go back in you get attacked.
Dont be afraid to run. Get to the screen edge and you can escape. Even from ambushes

I think it was just your lack of game knowlage that led to this, it really is a good game and you might want to give it more of a chance. I highley recomend you read some game manuals and take opions for other players before you just write out the game
Exodus Mar 20, 2013 @ 7:20pm 
Yeah, I think I will give it another shot. (This time with a ranged character... I think choosing the Monk was a significant mistake). <Sigh>, still wish I could hotkey the menu to the "Esc" button, and still bumfuzzled as to why this isn't an option.

I *know* it's a great and historical game. I just think I had a mismatch of expectations.
airtrent73 Mar 20, 2013 @ 8:11pm 
I was not going to say anything, but just cannot resist proving what a nerd I am.
Thaco stands for 'To Hit Armor Class 0.' It was a clunky stat added in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, also known as Second Edition D&D. Basically, every character starts with a Thaco of 20 at Level 1. It is modified by an enemy's armor class, which can be as high as 10 and be less than 0. The thing to remember is that the lower the AC, the harder it is to hit the target.
When attacking, the enemy's AC will be subtracted from the attacker's Thaco (or added if the AC is less than 0). So, if you have a Thaco of 20 and you attack something with an AC of 8, your modified Thaco is 12. To hit, you must roll 12 or higher.
As characters level, their base Thaco will drop. Warrior classes will see their Thaco drop much faster than other classes. Other things that can modify Thaco is anything that offers to-hit bonuses, and modifiers from strength.
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