JuniperHedge 2013年3月16日上午8:05
How to get Multiplayer going
My friend and I both have downloaded this in Steam and want to play multiplayer but have no idea how to get it set up. Any help, please? Thanks!
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Grand Master of all Things Bad 2013年3月16日下午9:11 
you will have to get your IP adress, ive tried it with my friend though and we didnt have much luck, i hope you will
Thelogger 2013年3月20日上午9:30 
You just need to download and use hamachi to connect your comps and you are good to go. Give me a shout if you can not get it working
tinindians 2013年3月27日下午2:13 
we have had loads of problems connecting
Ffoeg 2013年3月27日下午3:14 
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