Axaracan Jun 15, 2014 @ 10:53am
Trouble with Werewolves
I'm on Werewolves Island and CANNOT!! for some reason beat the head werewolve on Balduran's Shipwreck, he keeps going back to uninjued and it's driving me NUTS!! Any advice would be appreciated (and yes I'm using all magical weapons on him swords, wands, arrows, spells, etc...)
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alkampfer.ezanaze Jun 15, 2014 @ 12:53pm 
If I remember well... only silver or golden weapons work on werewolves ;-) (if I remember well there should be a golden sword somewhere on the werewolves island... without that kind of weapons it is almost impossible to kill them)
Axaracan Jun 15, 2014 @ 7:13pm 
Now I remember it's been years since I played it last, was loving it till the werewolver, thanks again back to loving it
kamster99 Jun 16, 2014 @ 2:39pm 
There is a dagger called Werebane on the ship (a few floors down from Karoug/the Greater Wolfwere I think) that can be used against him. Otherwise on the same level as him (in a desk just north of him I think) you can find a b.astard sword (the golden weapon mentioned) that will work against him. Even if your parties fighters don't have proficiency with these types of weapons its still work using them.

There are other weapons that will work on Karoug but you'd have to be off the island to get them (its possible you picked them up before now). The main thing is that you want to hit him as fast as possible because he heals at a rate of 5 health/second (30 health/a round). He only has 66 health though so it is quite possible to kill him but it requires you to do a lot of damage quickly. Also keep in mind his greater wolfwere form has 50% resistance to magic, fire, cold, electricity, and acid. The 50% magic resistance means that half the time your spells will entirely fail against him. The other resistances mean that even if you do that particular type of damage against him it will only do half damage.

If you've got a wand of paralyzation it may be of some use (if you manage to paralyze him with it it will help). Also the 3rd level mage spell Slow might be useful in this fight (you may want to have it memorized more than once for the fight in case it doesn't work). Otherwise get any warriors in your party equipped with baldurans sword (the b.astard sword on the same level as Karoug), that Werebane dagger, Kondar (if you have it), Albruin (if you have it) or Flaming Tongue (if you have it). I believe those are the only weapons that will hurt it. I normally have my mage/mages firing magic missile against him because each missile is counted separately from a magic resistance standpoint (so there is a good chance multiple missiles will hit him). Every bit of damage counts after all.
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Hedge_Hopper Jun 16, 2014 @ 4:10pm 
He'll die in about 5 seconds if you give everyone a potion of firebreath, and tell them all to use it at the same time. Even works on insane mode with no buffs.
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