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Mods for FE LH
Immersion Mod for LH (game is more EPIC with this mod)

Necromancy Revamped

LH Age of Fangs

Children of Storm v0.1 for LH 1.0 (test version)

Parrottmath's mod collection for LH

Dragon Friend trait LH

Rome LH

Expanded Shop Mod LH

Choose when to recruit your champions v 0.90 for LH 0.75

Enhanced Sion's [1.0 for LH 1.0]

Urxen Witch [1.0 for LH 1.0]

Faction Ability : Lady Umber's Legacy [v1.0 for LH 1.0]
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Install instructions:
1. To install the Children of Storm mod, extract all the folders to Documents/My Games/LegendaryHeroes/Mods
2. Take the files in /ChildrenOfStorm_TacticalMaps/ and move them to Documents/My Games/LegendaryHeroes/Maps/TacticalMaps
3. Make sure that you turn on "Use Mods" in the in-game Options menu.

v1.0c contains:

120+ new magical items
17 new events
12 new fantasy factions
34 new fantasy champions
18 new monsters and their lairs, and 5 of those are recruitable monsters
4 new types of rivers and lots of new stamps featuring arctic and burning lands terrain
.. and much more (items, traits, mounts to mention a few things)

Champion Bonanza

Heroic Pursuits 0.7 - Level Traits+More

Tiles Mod v1.03

Larger Unit Details window for LH 1.0
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[eMod] Tile Detail Reduction (Performance Increase)

My packs mods for LH ---[textures, animations, sounds, cursors, icons, markers]

List of all currently available Elemental: Legendary Heroes Mods in the LH Mods Forum
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