Tearless~ Jan 6 @ 4:25pm
First szenario Chapter 3 problem
Hey there~
So I bought the game today, played the tutorial and then wanted to start with the first campaign. I am stuck at Chapter 3 now, quest: "A fair trade".
I cannot get any metal, however I may try. I roamed through forums, seeing people say to expand my city zone thingy furhter south yet the only thing located there is a water-crystal shard location where I can collect said things. I tried expnading my city in many ways now yet no metal wherever I go. Any help or is this a bug or am I simply too stupid for this? Help plz ;w;
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Tearless~ Jan 14 @ 7:45am 
It now seems that the game kicked out the whole scenario. When I push the scenario button, there just is the FE: LH one, not the original one... Really, am i just too stupid or is my game broken ? //D
bvierthaler Feb 2 @ 10:19am 
I also realized that. Did they remove the other scenario?
Broken Heart Jun 7 @ 12:35am 
Is it bug? I can't find metal to finish this quest
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