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How To Volkspam
von Carlos Danger
Instructions on how to win 1v1 matches vs. Americans using Volksgrenadiers....
von kagerou01gata
Dont install Enhanced Combat Mod!!!
von Jacob Aviero
Pls guys dont install this bolshevik communist far east mod. its the biggest trash in company of heroes community. personally i was working on this mod and the "leader" such a nazi communist indo - immigrant bolshevik was forcing people to work on the mod...
von dimaan29
1. Против ТГ инженеры как можно раньше начинают ставить мины на дорогах и в узких проходах, иначе ранние АС испортят всю игру 2. Бронемашины ...
Стратегия "Бобёр"
von RUKAclGentleman
(1v1 - играя за ТГ против бритов) автор- RUKAclSweix ...
Hummels Army (RUS)
von Linx
Вы любитель артиллерии, но вас печалит ограничение всего трех машин? На самом деле их может быть столько, сколько позволяет лимит :). ...
Force Game to Run at 60HZ or other.
von ze21038[PT]
Problem : Game runs at 24hz when my screen work's at 60. Solution: Just configure the game launch settings and add the code "-refresh 60" without cotes.(see the guide below) Work's on the expansions too. and thats it the game should ...
von Mask
NOTE: this guide is a JOKE its not ment to be taken as a real guide, only made for inside jokes for coh players, and to poke fun at nazi germany keyboard defenders. please, no comments about how "this guide is fake" because i know it is. thank you -Y...
Company of Heroes Resource Guide - Mods, Tools, Information
von ☉ DustiestCaliber ☉
This is a guide for reference by new players or those not familiar with what's out there. It's nice to have it all in one place. Not all mods/maps/tools will be listed, only the higher quality or player tested ones. Some resource links are old and still r...
BlitzKrieg Mod v4.8.6.0 Guide d'installation FR ( N.Steam )
von .#Frenchie | Tµrkish
Simple et rapide, installez le meilleur mod de COH nouvelle vérsion