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Dont install Enhanced Combat Mod!!!
by Jacob Aviero
Pls guys dont install this bolshevik communist far east mod. its the biggest trash in company of heroes community. personally i was working on this mod and the "leader" such a nazi communist indo - immigrant bolshevik was forcing people to work on the mod...
by Giygas
NOTE: this guide is a JOKE its not ment to be taken as a real guide, only made for inside jokes for coh players, and to poke fun at nazi germany keyboard defenders. please, no comments about how "this guide is fake" because i know it is. thank you -Y...
|COH| Raccourcis clavier
by VirtuaChamp
Tous les raccourcis clavier de company of heroes...
How To Volkspam
by Carlos Danger
Instructions on how to win 1v1 matches vs. Americans using Volksgrenadiers....
by Giygas
NOTE: this guide is a JOKE for coh players to injoy, not ment for actual use, do not post comments about how its "fake" "not real" or any german propaganda stating you were the best, you lost both world wars. thank you~ - your furry G.I , hoffery...
CoH1 CoH2 Tutorial Einsteiger Tipps & Tricks *GER*
Hier erfahrt ihr grundsätzliche Tipps & Tricks zu CoH1 & CoH2. Habt ihr Fragen oder Hinweise oder auch eigene Tipps und Tricks schreibt sie hier rein, die Community wird es euch danken. ...
Enhanced Combat Mod
by Reichsmarschall Shayansp Do you think the vanilla Company of heroes is dull and boring! Do you think it lacks units and action. Then you must play Enhanced Combat! Enhanced Combat improves game-play, giving new units, bigger...
by kagerou01gata
Company of Heroes Resource Guide - Mods, Tools, Information
by ☉ DustiestCaliber ☉
This is a guide for reference by new players or those not familiar with what's out there. It's nice to have it all in one place. Not all mods/maps/tools will be listed, only the higher quality or player tested ones. Some resource links are old and still r...
How to CONQUER in Multiplayer
by Brosha
My guide is back! They tried to censor this OP information but it's back! Prepare to be enlightened!...
The Essentials Links Guide
by BestNoob
Some Essential Links English & Deutsch ...
How to use console commands on Company of Heroes
by Ya Boi Atkins
a guide on how to use console commands if you dont know how to use them....
by dimaan29
1. Против ТГ инженеры как можно раньше начинают ставить мины на дорогах и в узких проходах, иначе ранние АС испортят всю игру 2. Бронемашины ...
Einfaches US Gameplay (Deutsch) für neue spieler
by L. gnidammah
Alles erstes möchte ich mich vorstellen. Hey Guys ich bin oder besser war kurze Zeit 2011 LvL 18 mit US-Armee (PerfectBritishAbuse) Ich will euch kurz beschreiben wie ihr als US-Player schnell und recht einfach gegen medium LvL (Wehrmacht) gewinnen kö...
An easy fix for your non-Steam game (Company of Heroes)
by brainf451
This guide covers an easy solution for a problem I encountered after trying to get my Company of Heroes game to run and instal after it moved to Steam. It appears that this process works for any game that you add to your Steam account so long as the game...
Armored Division 26th Panzer Elite
by ^SniperPinkie^ Sad/Rainsobow
Hello elite army 26th . Today i we tell you armored division for Panzer Elite . You need : Build defense (Your choose) Commander (your choose) Now build all of the barracks and pick the G.F.D (Panysas) And Armored Car (Elite panzer) And 2 Engi...
SkinPack HD & SoundPack
by ★CoH-Baguette★ ‡ Mithiriath ‡
[Mod] Modern Combat (MC)
by ★CoH-Baguette★ ‡ Mithiriath ‡
Salut, Ce mod se déroule à l'heure des conflits moderne du 21ième siècle et vous permet de jouer l'armée étasunienne et l'armée chinoise. [img=
[Mod] The Great War 1918
by ★CoH-Baguette★ ‡ Mithiriath ‡
Salut, The Great War 1918 est un mod qui se déroule durant la dernière année de la 1ère Guerre Mondiale. Vous aurez la possibilité de jouer avec l'armée impériale allemande et la force expéditionnaire britannique. Les armées française et aus...
by [GX]Ragnar
Hostování serveru je jednoduchá věc. kliknete na ikonu Multiplayeru.Dále kliknete na *Vytvořit Server*. Vyjede vám menu s Barama pro ostatní hráče a jaký chcete herní mod,Mapu,Počasí. To už jsi uděláte podle svého rozhodnutí.Potom mu...
Extended Guide for Installing custom Maps SPA/ENG
by [DPS] Mithrandir
A complete Guide that explains all you need to understand and install custom maps in Company of heroes new Steam Version Una guia en castellano que explica todo lo necesario para entender e instalar mapas personalizados en Company of heroes n...
Skinpack Guide - How to install ENG/SPA
by [DPS] Mithrandir
Easy steps for install skin packs for CoH 1 Guia rápida para instalar paquetes de skins para CoH 1 ...
How to Improve (Guide for Begginer Learners)
by TestingWarHead
If your rank is bellow 12 this guide is for you. It helps you learn about the game and improve the way you play. ...
Стратегия "Бобёр"
by RUKAclGentleman
(1v1 - играя за ТГ против бритов) автор- RUKAclSweix ...
Force Game to Run at 60HZ or other.
by ze21038[PT]
Problem : Game runs at 24hz when my screen work's at 60. Solution: Just configure the game launch settings and add the code "-refresh 60" without cotes.(see the guide below) Work's on the expansions too. and thats it the game should ...
Remapping Hotkeys using AutoHotkey (wasd instead of arrow keys)
by TesseracT
Remap Company Of Hero's keyboard commands using AutoHotkey. Replace arrow keys with WASD and reassign the view keys....
BlitzKrieg Mod v4.8.8.0 Guide d'installation FR
by .#Frenchie | Tµrkish
Simple et rapide, installez le meilleur mod de COH nouvelle vérsion
Nuovo upgrade a differenza del "Company of heroes" originale. (ITALIANO)
by Piombo65
Ecco i cambiamenti del gioco a differenza di quello originale....
FarEastMod導入のすすめ(How to Install FarEastMod)
by kagerou01gata
CoH1のFarEastの導入をします。 その他のModにも応用できるので参考までにどうぞ。...
Unzählige Hummeln bekommen! (Aus der russ. Guide)
by Lukas97
Da es hier eine russische Version gibt, wie man unzählige Hummeln bekommt, schreibe ich hier eine neue, auf Deutsch. Zu alleerst nimmt man die Panzerelite. Dort nimmt man das Doktrin mit den Hummeln (habe den Namen der Doktrin vergessen :( ). Man spie...
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