Company of Heroes (New Steam Version)
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How to use console commands on Company of Heroes
by Ya Boi Atkins
a guide on how to use console commands if you dont know how to use them....
SkinPack HD & SoundPack
by ★CoH-FR★ ‡ Mithiriath ‡
Company of Heroes Resource Guide - Mods, Tools, Information
by ☉ DustiestCaliber ☉
This is a guide for reference by new players or those not familiar with what's out there. It's nice to have it all in one place. Not all mods/maps/tools will be listed, only the higher quality or player tested ones. Some resource links are old and still r...
Bootcamp: What you need to know
by Miiiiiiiiiiiiike
A basic overview of Company of Heroes, exploring the mechanics of the game and things you need to know if you're a beginner....
BlitzKrieg Mod v4.8.6.0 Guide d'installation FR ( N.Steam )
by .#Frenchie | Tµrkish
Simple et rapide, installez le meilleur mod de COH nouvelle vérsion
Blitzkrieg Mod (Steam) Download + Install
by [Rus]Vladimir
Languages mod: Russian, Chinese, German, Czech, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish, English...
Transferring your old Saves to New Steam Version
by Kaiuca
New Steam Version sounds awesome! Faster booting and loading, no more other logins to play online and more! But how to continue your old campaing in this new build? Find out in this guide. New Steam Version parece ótima! Menos tempo iniciando e carre...
Installing MapPacks
by |E~C| Tiger
Installing of Maps as .sga-files (only, not .sgb!)...
Big D*** Boss' Guide to Company of Heroes - The Basics
by Big Boss
Not exactly an RTS Conesueir? Losing entire squads of soldiers to snipers and machine guns? If you're looking for tips on how to be a better RTS player, not many people can help you. But this guide is designed to help you figure out the very basics of Rel...
Trouble Shooting Crashes and Connection Issues Possible Fixes for COH 1 NSV
by Ϯ Ooooosh Ϯ
This a short guide because so many people ask the same questions on the forum, they choose to not use forum search for the answers. How do I fix COH1 NSV problems with crashing, connection issues or lag. This was only quick guide I will add more suggest...