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Donkey Kong Country DooM
Yaratıcı: robmon
A guide to help people run DooMero's Donkey Kong Country DooM through Steam with Steam Overlay. This Guide is still under construction....
Ultimate Doom Maps
Yaratıcı: DudeDesigns
Tracking maps for Doom 1 maps provided by the Doom Wiki. Provided for convenience. Covering every map in the Game from E1M1, to E4M9. The point of the guide is to be as concise as possible, detailing what sectors activate what and what items can be found ...
Looking for a very authentic Doom experience? Follow these 5 easy steps (Chocolate Doom)
Yaratıcı: Conrad
Quick and easy guide that will help you setup Chocolate Doom in minutes. ...
how do make this game not blow
Yaratıcı: chesse20
i know a secret way to make doom more funner...
easter eggs DOOM and DOOM 2
Yaratıcı: AnthoChainSaw
Title screen freeze Fix + disabling mouse y-axis (no mods required)
Yaratıcı: Nuclear Kangaroo
so i just went through hell and back (pun intended) in order to get Ultimate Doom running on my machine, in order to save future players from this punishment, here's an easy guide to fix the title screen freeze in ultimate doom, no mods needed, plus a fix...
Getting DOOM to run properly on Windows 8 NO CODING/DOWNLOADS NEEDED!!!!Y
Yaratıcı: Omega223
First follow this file path: C:/Programs Files (x86)/Steam/Steamapps/Common/(Doom game that isn't working). Once you open that folder find the Doom file that starts up the game, in this case it should be dosbox. Then right-click on it and choose the optio...
Brutal Doom Options Configuration
Yaratıcı: [TBL] The Qwerty Gamer
In this guide I'll be offering a helping hand to those who are struggling getting the game running how they want it. To do this I will show my optimal options configuration that I use whilst playing the game including more modern strafing conrols and free...
How to install Brutal Doom using GZDoom
Yaratıcı: [TBL] The Qwerty Gamer
So you want gore and uber violence? You've come to the right place... In this guide I'll show you how to install the gore-packed Brutal Doom mod for Doom/Doom 2 etc. NOTE: Requires Steam versions of Doom/Doom 2 (I recommend buying the Doom Classic Complet...
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