Veja e avalie guias criados por jogadores para o seu jogo. Ou crie o seu e compartilhe as suas dicas com a comunidade.
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The Ultimate Doom - Complete Playthrough (Ultra-Violence, 100% Kills, 100% Secrets)
por Zdenda1990
Complete playthrough of The Ultimate Doom for the PC on the Ultra-Violence difficulty. Played through GLBoom+, getting 100% Kills and 100% Secrets....
How to DOOM in the Modern Age (Steam Overlay, Widescreen, and more)
por Speedy
Want to get the most out of your DOOM experience? Read this guide, and see just how to: get resolutions to fit your monitor (1280x720, 1920x1080, etc), use mods (including DeHackEd, for all of those wacky changes), and get a visually fancy, good looking g...
The new Monsters of Doom II
por Xeno
A description of the new monsters that Doom II introduced back when it came out. Just like with the Doom 1 guide, this list is sorted by my personal threat level of each monster from least to most dangerous. For a list of the monsters from Doom 1 that mak...
How To Play Brutal Doom With Steam Overlay and Hour Tracking (GZDoom)
por Money_Man9
This will show you step by step how to get Brutal Doom working using GZDoom when you launch Doom or Doom II through Steam....
The Ultimate DOOM in Windows 8
por Twinnrova
How to make The Ultimate Doom run correctly and efficiently on Windows 8....
DOSBox - Getting the best out of Ultimate Doom
por Arcade Goon
Step by step guide to setting up DOSBox the best it can be for The Ultimate Doom on Steam....
The original Doom Monsters
por Xeno
A brief description of the monsters from Doom and my preferred ways of dealing with them. Starting from lowest to highest threat level (in my opinion that is)....
How to run ports\mods through Steam using ZDL
por [SAND] Robby
A guide to help people run modern Doom ports through Steam using ZDL, this enables Steam Overlay in the modern ports and keeps track of gaming hours. For those of you who are comfortable with this sort of thing, simply place ZDL in the base fold...
Secrets Guide for Episode 1: Knee-Deep in the Dead
por Melon
This guide shows how to access every secret in the first episode of Doom....
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