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The new Monsters of Doom II
by Xeno
A description of the new monsters that Doom II introduced back when it came out. Just like with the Doom 1 guide, this list is sorted by my personal threat level of each monster from least to most dangerous. For a list of the monsters from Doom 1 that mak...
Miskude's Patch for The Ultimate DOOM
by Miskude
This patch makes The Ultimate DOOM work on modern computer and adds extra tweaks. You can also play Brutal Doom: Sperglord Edition with this patch. (STEAMWORKS ENABLED)...
The Official DOOM and DOOM II FAQ
by Tabris DarkPeace
The Official DOOM and DOOM 2 FAQ....
Secrets Guide for Episode 2: The Shores of Hell
by Melon
This guide shows how to access every secret in the second episode of Doom....
Ultimate Doom (Wiki)
by Pétole
Just a little wiki about the game Doom. It presents all maps, all items, all monsters, secrets,... ...
Setting up The Ultimate DOOM for Multiplayer
by Tabris DarkPeace
***** Setting up The Ultimate DOOM for Multiplayer ***** ***** The process looks a little long, at ten steps, but it only takes about 5 minutes in total on a 1.5Mbps Internet connection, and half of those 5 minutes is waiting for the down...
DOSBox - Forward/backward movement with mouse fix
by Arcade Goon
Stops the mouse moving the player backwards and forwards when running Dosbox....
Doom Cheat Codes
by Kingdragon
This is a list of Cheat Codes you enter into Doom to do certain things such as invincibility, full ammo, etc....
Title screen freeze Fix + disabling mouse y-axis (no mods required)
by Nuclear Kangaroo
so i just went through hell and back (pun intended) in order to get Ultimate Doom running on my machine, in order to save future players from this punishment, here's an easy guide to fix the title screen freeze in ultimate doom, no mods needed, plus a fix...
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