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How to enable Steam Overlay?
How enable in DOOM, DOSBox or Flash games Overlay? Just wanna make some screens and that would be cool with Overlay in game.
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I'd like to know how to get the Steam Overlay working in DOOM as well please.
I don't think you can since Doom doesn't run natively on newer versions of Windows.
There should be a way to get it working at least with OpenGL ...
Weird I am using Zandronum and I'm still not able to use the Steam Overlay...
You have to launch zandronum/etc through steam but that doesn't mean the overlay will work. You'll also need to switch the renderer over to OpenGL as the game uses legacy directX 8 for internal software rendering.

I doubt DOSbox will be compatible with steam overlay. It's an emulated command prompt and forcing overlay will likely have adverse performance and you're seeing and hearing the game in near vanilla format.
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I was able to do it but only adding the sourceport as a "non-steam" game but there is no way to make it pass as the original Doom
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