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how to play multiplayer using the steam version of doom without source ports.
Ok, this is ONLY using what you got from the steam version of doom, and any files that came with any other official release of doom, so, no fan made source ports. The original way of playing multiplayer is either head to head via modem or serial cable, or LAN through the IPX protocol. I'm going to show you how it feels to play the game as it was back in the 90's when workers used their work computers and network to play deathmatch, which usually has the IPX protocol.

First, go to the directory where Doom is.

Usually in ~steam/steamapps/common/ultimate doom/base

Copy that base folder to your main games directory, for example C:\games or something like that.

Rename that base folder to "Doom"

Next part is getting the critical multiplayer files to work.

Download the shareware version of doom, and install it somewhere. Copy these following files from the shareware version, and paste it in the newly renamed base folder, now renamed as "Doom".

DM.cfg (if it isn't there, probably running DM.exe and starting a match may help)

OPTIONAL: You may delete any dosbox related stuff here. It isn't needed.

The doom folder has everything to play multiplayer. Now to get it to run on those newfangled windows.

Download THE LATEST VERSION of dosbox, and install and save it anywhere you can access it. We are going to set up the IPX emulation.

First, open dosbox.conf. You will need to make some changes.

Find ipx=false, and change it to ipx=true.

At the bottom, add these lines.

ipxnet connect, (where that is IP address of your other computer. To find your IP adress, go to the start button in that other computer, if you are using vista of 7, search for cmd, and run that. Type in ipconfig, and you should have your IP address.) This connects you as a client to the other computer.

add more of these lines for every other computer you want to conect to. I have 4 computers, so I have 3 of these lines, each going to the other 3 computers.

The next thing is to add this line:

ipxnet startserver.

This starts the ipx tunneling system, which means now, your computer is the host.

the final line is to type this:

mount c c:\games

This tells dosbox that the emulated "C" drive is actually your games folder.

SAVE the dosbox.conf file. Close that file.

Do all I said above to EVERY COMPUTER you are connecting to play multiplayer doom. You don't really need to buy a second copy. If you think you feel bad because you are copying the doom files from one computer to another, that is how games were back then. 1 game per household, and NOT 1 game per individual.

Run dosbox.

Here you see dosbox trying to connect to the ip addresses that you set up in the conf file. If your other computer already has the ipx tunneling system started, then dosbox should already connect you to that computer. If not, it goes to the next line, and it checks if that other computer has the IPX network started, until it reaches the ipxnet startserver line, where in this case, dosbox would start the ipx tunneling system.

The reason why I want you to write the lines at the end of the.conf file in that exact order is to get dosbox to check if each of your other computers has the ipx tunneling service started. If not, then it checks the next computer, then the next one, which is why it is slower to start up dosbox the more computers and their corresponding ip addresses you add. Then if none have the ipx tunneling service started, then it starts its own ipx tunneling service. If it does connect to the other computer, and it tries to start the ipx tunnelling service, dosbox says that you are already connected, disconnect first. Ignore that, because all it's saying that you should disconnect before starting the ipx tunnelling service, and it will still be connected to your other computer. Ok, all that stuff is unimportant. The important was adding those lines in the .conf file.

Type in "C:\" and hit enter

Now to access single player, type in "cd doom" hit enter

type in "doom", and you should run the single player.

To get multiplayer working, and you are in the "C:\doom" folder as seen in the dosbox,

type in "dm"

This loads up the deathmanager version 1.1

Here you can only navigate using the keyboard, and press enter to change the settings.

Choose IPX, instead of modem or serial

In the Modem/Serial area, I don't think it matters what it is set to, as you are using IPX, but set it to already connected.

Set up the other settings to the way you wish to play the game. Press F10 to start the game, and wait till the other computer has F10 pressed. The game starts, and you are cooping or deathmatching.

You may notice that you CAN'T run the thy flesh consumed levels. There is a workaround.

Dosbox isn't running at this point, so I am going to use the directories that you saved your doom in from windows.

Buy Heretic from steam. I know, it's stupid that you have to buy something, but it is the only way it would work. Do the same thing I told you to find the base folder of Doom, but this time find the base folder for heretic. Fortunately, Heretic already has the files that can make multiplayer work, but this time, find DM.dat, and DM.exe and copy and paste it to your doom directory, you know, C:\games\doom, yeah that one.


Change the title from "Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders" to "The Ultimate Doom"


Then change all the heretic map names to the corresponding doom map names.

For example, The Docks becomes Hangar, and The Dungeons becomes Nuclear Plant etc, and remove the lines that doesn't have a corresponding doom level.

What this does is changes the 1.1 version of deathmanager to the 1.5 version, which I believe is the latest version, and is only created because of Hexen.

Now I need someone here who owns the legitimate copy of Ultimate Doom and Doom 2, the boxed version that they had back in the 90's and upload the following files from those directories.


The way I did it before was use the shareware version of these files, but to make it feel authentic, these have to come from the boxed versions of Ultimate Doom, or Doom 2, depending on which game you want to play, but right now, it feels authentic enough.
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This is much too complicated in this day and age. Just get Chocolate Doom or Odamex.
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