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Salty Hobo That You Nobo 2012年9月29日 15時16分
Im new to mods?
I really want to download some mods for Doom (especially the Aliens mod). But I have no idea how. Can someone help?
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BACON INDUSTRY 2012年10月3日 17時25分 
I want to know the answer that exact same question. Let me know if you get an answer.
♫♪♬CAN YOU FEEL THE SUNSHINE♫♪♬ 2012年10月3日 20時31分
This should help you.
Salty Hobo That You Nobo 2012年10月4日 12時49分 
It's still rather confusing, but I am sorta getting the hang of it.
I downloaded the aliens mod but it doesn't work out so well. The textures and enemies are the same from regular doom instead of xenomorphs and alien textures.
Salty Hobo That You Nobo 2012年10月4日 12時49分 
I did get brutal doom to download just fine, though.
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