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macluke77 2013年8月3日 2時11分
Mouse speed too slow
Mouse speed, also with sesitivity at max, for me it's too slow.
There is some way to speed up?
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Musician 2014年2月17日 15時46分 
I've had this same issue, but then I just found a way around this. Instead of downloading those third party programs that people are mentioning, you should go into the game's folder via Steam's directory. The default for me is C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common and then you double click on Doom's folder and then into the base folder. Within this folder, you should see a .cfg file called "MOUSE". Open it with Notepad, and the first option would be your mouse sensitivity. You can change that up to 30 to increase the mouse's movement.
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Leon B. 2014年2月17日 16時39分 
You can also just run Doom on a modern sourceport like ZDoom rather than dosbox, although I use dosbox for personal reasons.
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