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runequester 2013年3月3日 10時55分
Linux doom would be nice
Doom was ported to linux approximately 159 years ago. So it'd be lovely if we could get the Steam version to linux as well :)
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Heks 2013年3月3日 18時27分 
Get a source port that runs on Linux. Odamex runs great on linux (I used it back when I used to duel boot)
A Cool Guy 2014年5月15日 13時34分 
Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but is there any way to download Doom through Steam on Linux? Obviously I can download it on my Windows machine, and move the wads over, but it would be much more convenient to download it directly to my Linux machine.

E: Maybe I should give WINE a whirl.
最近の変更はA Cool Guyが行いました; 2014年5月15日 13時57分
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