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jrod_21 2013年1月5日 1時46分
How can you take Steam Screenshots for this game?
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Anzori Kuchaidze 2013年1月7日 22時55分 
The default screenshot key for steam is F12. If you press F12 in game, you should hear a little camera click and a little thumbnail in the bottom right will appear. You can look at it in better detail in the Shift+Tab menu, or else they will automatically pop up for you to view when you exit your game. :]
Heks 2013年1月8日 6時38分 
Does not work for Doom because it is not a hardware accelerated game that Steam can detect. Doom is ran in a DOS emulator.
jrod_21 2013年1月8日 14時43分 
Thanks but the F12 button didnt work for me. I had to download a mod in order to do so. Thanks anyways :)
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