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Sexy male goat 2013年1月1日 3時44分
Doom works on Windows 7
i got doom, i use windows 7, and it runs perfectly fine and no issues so far.
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HydrAshAde 2013年1月7日 15時13分 
Thanks for telling.

Seriously though, if people are having issues, they could try ZDoom. It's greater for people who want an enhanced version of the game.
Crystalion 2013年1月19日 5時49分 
I go for Zandronum. Continues where Skulltag left off and it provided me with a groovy server browser and all I needed to make it work was provide it with file paths to find all the wads and games for it.

But to severely increase the violence, try BrutalDoom XD
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