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Sexy male goat 1. led. 2013 v 3.44 dop.
Doom works on Windows 7
i got doom, i use windows 7, and it runs perfectly fine and no issues so far.
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HydrAshAde 7. led. 2013 v 3.13 odp. 
Thanks for telling.

Seriously though, if people are having issues, they could try ZDoom. It's greater for people who want an enhanced version of the game.
AerialAce 19. led. 2013 v 5.49 dop. 
I go for Zandronum. Continues where Skulltag left off and it provided me with a groovy server browser and all I needed to make it work was provide it with file paths to find all the wads and games for it.

But to severely increase the violence, try BrutalDoom XD
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