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XAztec WarriorX 2012年12月30日下午12:27
Doom mods
If i get this on steam, can i install doomsday to run it or will i have to run doomsday as the launcher?
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IDK if Doomsday supports the BFG versions. If it does you need to copy doom2.wad into the folder you installed Doomsday and go.
XAztec WarriorX 2012年12月30日下午3:20 
i figured that but then i will have to launch from doomsday so really no need to get from steam then since it will launch from 3rd party launcher in a way right. I have all the dooms but wanted to egt on steam.
Gageat 2012年12月30日下午11:31 
You can move the source port into the doom folder and edit the .bat files to make it work with steam overlay and everything. Follow this guide:

Still, I had to edit the source port name into dosbox.exe to make it work. Maybe you'll have more luck than me. It's annoying to edit it everytime I want to play it in DOSBox.

And to add mods, use the launch options in the game properties.
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Alpha_Wolf 2013年1月4日下午3:26 
Check if it comes with a wad file Exp. (file type) would be ''WAD.file' the file name would be as follows - Doom.wad Is Doom
Doom1.wad is shareware
Doom 2.wad Is Doom 2 (or better knowen as ''Hell on earth")
and last but not least you would have ''Final Doom'' or, tnt.wad and Pltounian.wad
If this is not any help please let me know and im sure i can figure out the soulution. to your problem when it comes to the Doom
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