The Ultimate DOOM
Ultimate Doom freeze.
I recently bought The Ultimate DOOM on here, which I now realise was a waste of £6. First off, t takes forever to load through DOSbox, and then it just gets stuck on what I assume is the title/intro screen, and nothing I press takes it to a menu or anything.

The DOSbox version Steam supplies with this game is a bit out of date, and I AM running Win8, but regardless I expect a game I actually give them money for to work when I get it.

Anyway, if any of you guys know of a solution for the Steam game I have bought (Not some rehash or other fan-made transition out there on the web) then please tell me, or I'm just straight up gonna get ValvE to give me a refund. Even though its a fuss having THREE different accounts for Steam, Steam support AND forums...
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It works fine on vista, pressing esc is what should bring up the menu, and why exactly did you upgrade to windows 8 when the newer versions really suck? So you lost a measly 6 bucks, big deal!
I had the same problem, and I eventually found a fix. Read through the discussions here, I don't remember exactly what I did but I know I found the answer here. It involves changing options in one of the text files in the game. Good luck on your search.
Pasta, I didn't willingly upgrade, I had Win7 Ultimate before which was great, but I took my PC for a repair and it was lost, unbelievably, so this has Win 8, its grim I know. And I don't have Vista, and for someone who can't spare much money it's still something.
And thanks Twin for actually being helpful, I'll stick to that and have a look for something alog those lines.
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