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TabrisDarkPeace 2013年10月24日上午12:30
To those looking for the Doom Source Port Genealogy Charts
To those looking for the Doom Source Port Genealogy Charts:

Whilst JDoom is an evolution of JHexen, which was based on the Hexen GPL code, which was of course based on Hexen, which was based on Doom v1.2 (the most popular shareware release) most, if not all, the new Doom engine features have been implemented into JDoom.

Anything that supports Hexen, in addition to Heretic and Doom is a winner in my eyes as it is a good indication of a high quality source port. (Hexen having a lot of engine features for more advanced maps and relationships between them than the base Doom engine did).

JDoom (mentioned in this threads recently) didn't stand still, and it, along with JHeretic and JHexen, essentially merged into the DoomsDay Engine (yes, it runs Heretic and Hexen too, including the shareware versions!).

I'm pretty much a convert to the DoomsDay Engine as a result and I thank those for recommending JDoom on various forums (past and present) as it led to me doing a little more reading.

Prior to this I leaned quite strongly in the direction of the children of BOOM (Including PrBoom+) as they contain source code from the original id software release merged with a reworked DOS port of Linux DOOM.

"Boom can be viewed as a much more conservative source port than some others because of its strong emphasis on maintaining the original feel of the Doom engine." --- Quote from 'The Doom Wiki'.

BOOM included the code in w_wad.c that improved the DOOM engines performance by +300% to approaching +∞% as the level to render became more complex.

The only bug that I am aware of in the original source code, or as code as one can get, is the one that returns ErrorLevel 17 to the host if the path that the executable is loaded on is too long. (Over approximately 127 characters, give or take... it may actually be a lot less than this. Within DOSBox using a short path this should never be an issue, but DOSBox isn't the best option if platform native source ports are available in any case).
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