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N'Eligahn 2013年11月4日 11時51分
Doom: Knee-Deep in the Dead Episode 5
Doom was the second major hit from developer ID Software. N'Eligahn talks about its strengths and its legacy on FPS, action and video game history.

K-DiD is a series focusing on the development of the FPS genre through the years.

Feedback and support is appreciated.
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TabrisDarkPeace 2013年11月7日 4時18分 
I'm currently shaped to about 86.4kbps (downstream only, I can upload at 30.3Mbps by the looks of it).

Will add to my list and come back when I have more data.

FYI: I'm the programmer for a new project called Open TeamPlay, which will ultimately make all this a lot easier for everyone. It's hosted at:
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