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Are DOOM and DOOM 2 abandonware?
I can't find a source that says that its not. But on the other hand, I can't find any source saying that it is.
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id software is still in business dude.
That's how you can tell if something has been abandoned by it's authors.

Shareware can be found at:

Best Source Port can be found at: ; and is compatible with Shareware Doom1.wad
Within there's two files that you need to join together into a new file, which can then be extracted to obtain doom1.wad legally.

On a 32-bit system the DEICE installer included in the ZIP works, on a 64-bit OS it doesn't and you need to use a COPY /B from the command prompt to pull it off, or a 3rd party utility.

I'm working on a more modern 3rd party utility to do it. (... and a whole bunch of other stuff, not related to Doom).
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Well the whole "id software is still in business" does not make any sense because Wolfestein 3D has been made abandonware. But thanks anyways.
id software tend to release their engine code under the GPL after a few years, and sometimes their own source licence(s) shortly before that. Mostly for educational purposes.

Wolfenstein and Doom are not abandonware.
If the games are still on sale then they aren't abandonware. Doom can be bought here on Steam so it kinda answers your question.

If you really don't wanna pay look up Doom Shareware or FreeDoom.
Mr. T Cereal の投稿を引用:
Well the whole "id software is still in business" does not make any sense because Wolfestein 3D has been made abandonware. But thanks anyways.
Where did you get that idea? It's still on sale and supported, therefore it's not abandonware. Neither is Doom. Something counts as abandonware if you can't buy it. And "abandonware" as a legal term doesn't even exist, so even if it is abandonware, downloading it is still piracy.
Can't buy it may include 2nd hand... as in completely unavailable except via dubious means.
Some (most) would argue if the company is still in business and their software can be bought 2nd hand, then they have not abandoned it. Even if they have pulled the patches for it.

Also, it would be wise to not confuse publishers and primary developers in this regard. (Not that anyone has, it's just general advice).
Downloading from Abandonware sites is now a dicey thing to do now that lots of retro PC titles are now being sold again. These sites don't remove games that are being resold.

A prime example are the old Apogee DOS titles. They are now being resold on Steam and downloading them on these sites is now officially piracy.

It's best to check if a game on one of these sites is not being sold again elsewhere before downloading them or you could end up in legal hot water.
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