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Terran Pikachu //\\-//\\ 2013년 12월 3일 오후 1시 25분
ive got windows 8 (Gabe's dream machine), and ultimate doom keeps freezing on the image of the game cover, you know the one where the marine is sorrounded by demons. Also my mouse keeps getting rejected by Dos everytime I play. I've read numerous articles about the horror compatibility of the game to moderns computers, and im tired of changing several files everytime I want to experience an old Fps classic like Doom. If anyone can tell my a website or mod which can fix this, or if there is a scheduled date for a much needed update from valve or the developers of the game to steam, please tell me. If anyone can fix my problem then free cake may be received, or maybe death :)
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Napoleon 2013년 12월 3일 오후 3시 23분 
Same thing happend to me.
Mok 2013년 12월 3일 오후 5시 47분 
Use a source port such as Zandronum or GZDoom and the experience will be much better.
You can get the dosbox version to run on win8, but it is balls.

Also OP, I see you played recently Battlestations Pacific and are from Aus, I sent you a FR.
Mok님이 마지막으로 수정; 2013년 12월 3일 오후 5시 52분
fompahaha 2013년 12월 6일 오전 11시 38분 
Rent a mop 2013년 12월 6일 오후 12시 40분 
Alphacious님이 먼저 게시:
ive got windows 8 (Gabe's dream machine)
Didn't gabe go on a rant with how crappy windows 8 was? Or is that just sarcasm?
Terran Pikachu //\\-//\\ 2013년 12월 6일 오후 1시 31분 
sarcasm brow
SCP-1337 2013년 12월 6일 오후 5시 57분 
I don't like the way the screenshots have that greenish thing to it. is this wut the game graphics look like?
Terran Pikachu //\\-//\\ 2013년 12월 7일 오전 1시 39분 
i guess it was that color when they took the screenshots
JonRusesky 2013년 12월 12일 오전 1시 17분 
I was having the same problem. I downloaded Zandronum and now it's running fine. Thanks for the help!
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