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The Killer 2013年11月11日 3時12分
Brutal Doom Supershotgun
So before the changes in Brutal Doom v19, you could sometimes get the supershotgun from the marines when you save them and kill them (or if they die from enemy npc's), and with the final version of brutal doom (v19) you cant get it anymore from those guys.

What i want to know is if theres a way of spawning the supershotgun through a console command, im using the sourceport GZDoom

"Give supershotgun" does not work, you get the original doom II version by doing that and not the brutal doom version.
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Rent a mop 2013年11月11日 4時49分 
I believe you can, the ssg is now in the brutal doom coding, and while some sounds from doom2 used for it might be missing, it works.

I believe the spawn code is SSG though, so try that.
The Killer 2013年11月11日 7時57分 
hm, ok gonna try it


yeah you were right, it works
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