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Mr. Nice Guy Sir Peppers 2014年5月14日 21時45分
Mods for The Ultimate Doom
Are there any mods for this game?
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Rent a mop 2014年5月15日 0時06分 
Brutal doom is a DAMN good one, and is compatable. Theres tons of maps as well, but theres very few actual mods for ultimate doom specifically. If you can, aquire doom 2, since it is the standard for doom modding.
Ibitato 2014年5月15日 0時29分 
you can use doomsday engine to easy load and setup of mods for ultimate doom (
on you have a ton of resources

here is a guide :
BloodShed 2014年5月20日 14時20分 
I can highly recommend Doom: One

All the maps in an episode is compiled into one big map.

And it works with Brutal Doom as well.
最近の変更はBloodShedが行いました; 2014年5月20日 14時20分
HexeR 2014年5月25日 14時56分 
Sinestro Sir Peppers の投稿を引用:
Are there any mods for this game?
I shared this in the other thread, so I might as well share it here.

Top 10 wads of each year from 1994 to 2003. It continues on from 2004 till now over here:

You won't find better WAD's for doom anywhere else on the net.

For the first list, just clicking the name should bring up a Download activation, but for the second list, you'll have to look to the right side and click on the page numbers to get the lists of wads (they're cut up into page sections), from there you can click the names and download them.

Be careful though, a lot of them require Doom 2 instead.
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