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Preeve 14. kvě. 2014 v 12.41 odp.
I need some help...
Ok, so I boot up Doom, it works fine and dandy, but randomly the movement stops working on a random key I press and I can't do anything (For example, the key may stop working while i'm turning left and then the character will infinitely rotate left). When I press the Windows key and return to the game, the colours are screwed up and the game works for a few seconds before stopping again, or the game just crashes. Please help!
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Rent a mop 14. kvě. 2014 v 2.10 odp. 
Try a source port.

Gzdoom is a good one for singleplayer, zandronum is also good for multiplayer, and odamex is another i've heard tons about, but never tried.
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