Pascall Pandacoon Apr 26 @ 3:20pm
Garry's Mod DOOM
HL2 Engine, Doom enemies/weapons. What else is there that needs to be said?

You can play Doom in Half-life... Or spawn hundreds of cacodemons, imps and shotgun-guys in Garry's Mod against Portal Turrets and Combine soldiers and see who wins. It's the bee's knees for shee's and I highly suggest everyone at least gets it and keeps playing it forever at the least. It's a small thing to ask.
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Tabris DarkPeace Apr 26 @ 7:41pm 
Good post.
CKELET May 17 @ 8:58pm 
Сool !
Keyes May 18 @ 5:18am 
Just because Garrys Mod is in the title, I think it is a disrespect to Doom.
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