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thenewguy512739 2014年2月25日 16時49分
Best DosBox sound card config for Doom?
I've throughout the forums for a solution to the music sounding like MIDI from a Commodore 64. Can anyone tell me what sound card should I use (and preferably how to implement it, too)?
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Arcade Goon 2014年2月25日 17時02分 
This might help.
Open the files listed below in notepad and change the values to read as below.


The files are located in the base folder.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Ultimate Doom\base

Change these values
snd_channels 8
snd_musicdevice 8

Save and close.
thenewguy512739 2014年2月25日 17時21分 
TabrisDarkPeace 2014年2月26日 8時21分 
This will get you General MIDI or better:

Copy the IWAD into the PrBoom folder, and rename the DOOM1.WAD to DOOM1.WAD.REN or something else.

Also works for DOOM II : Hell on Earth.
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