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Himitsu 2014年2月14日上午3:05
Music doesn't sound right.
I'm not sure why but when I play Ultimate Doom the music isn't how I remember it. I referenced it against this video, and it almost sounds like it's being emulated or using different midi kits or something.

That's exactly how it should sound, with the punchy drums. Any way to fix?

Edit - Guess I'm thinking of Doom 95! Maybe GZdoom or Zdoom will give that sound.
最后由 Himitsu 编辑于; 2014年2月14日上午4:10
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thedkm 2014年2月18日上午9:50 
Use GZdoom,go in the Sound Options and choose OPL synth emulation,you should hear the same music.
^_^ Melodytchi-Love 2014年2月18日下午9:58 
The music in that video is using the low-quality generic Microsoft GS synth. There are many different, and better, MIDI synths and soundfonts. But anyway, DOS DOOM by default uses OPL FM synth for MIDI, but it can also use any General MIDI device by selecting General MIDI from the music setup, in the setup.exe file (though I heard the Steam version of DOOM doesn't include this setup.exe?) If you want DOOM to use a different MIDI device, you can try a source port like GZDoom/ZDoom. Those ports support OPL FM emulation, Microsoft GS, GUS patches, CoolSoft VirtualMIDISynth for soundfonts, etc. allowing a wide range of GM sound sets to be used.
Himitsu 2014年2月19日下午3:40 
Thanks guys I'll be sure to take this advice :D
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