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Con 9 feb, ore 16:23
Direct Multiplayer update?
Add an alternative .exe for multiplayer.

Duke Nukem got it.
Also we need a doom guy
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Mr. White 13 feb, ore 23:52 
Duke Nukem 3D got a re-release.
Rent a mop - Mumble 14 feb, ore 1:50 
This would fragment the already fragmented doom community even further, sounds like a bad idea.
Tabris: [Aussie Gamers] 14 feb, ore 4:17

I've put them on hold as I'm studying atm, but one day soon it'll be MUCH easier.

If you know C# you could help me out. :-)
[SAND] ROBBY 14 feb, ore 15:35 
There's no need for this since Doom has an active multiplayer community. Odamex, ZDaemon, Zandronum.

Odamex is for classic style, the other two use mroe mods and custom content.
Tabris: [Aussie Gamers] 15 feb, ore 5:41 
ZDaemon just ban anyone with a PC faster than a Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2.
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