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Glenn 1月21日 19時57分
Move Doom over to a Win98 Computer and run it properly (Solved)
Does anyone know how i can move my doom games from a steam installation, over to a windows 98 computer to play natively on dos?

Edit: Fixed title
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Joyful 1月21日 22時14分 
SD Card/Any Site To Upload Files
Glenn 1月21日 23時24分 
I know how to copy the game. What i meant was how can i get it to run. the files don't seem to be the same as the original. For example its missing the dos setup utility. So sound is not working. and if i run it in the dosbox using the .bat file its really slow.
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Glenn 1月22日 0時10分 
I got it working. Thought i should post what i did here, encase some one wanted to know how.

What i did was download the shareware vertion of doom. ran the setup, getting sound to work and soforth. then copied the config file from the shareware over the the steam vertion. The game now runs great in Dos with no issues.
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