duran.m312 Jul 1 @ 7:57am
Solution to Ultimate doom and other doom games not working on windows 8!!!
I recently purchased the Doom pack in the steam sale and was quite upset when i learned they would not run on my windows 8. I tried the changing of the files but the game just lagged terribly. While doing research on how to fix it I ran across an old spin off of Doom i used to play called Chex Quest. It was a child friendly version of Doom. I downloaded it for sentimental reasons and when i started it the launcher asked me what game i wold like to load. On the list were all of the Doom games i had bought during the steam sale, and when i launched Ultimate Doom it worked perfectly. The game Chex Quest is a free program to download and i will include the link to the download page at the bottom of this post. I hope that this will help some people on windows 8 enjoy their steam purchase the way they originally wanted to when they bought the game.


Above is the link to the Chex Quest download. Under the first picture, in the first paragraph is the link for download. You just click the RED words "Download and play". I hope this gives you as much relief knowing that your money was not put to waste. Have a great Day!
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rickymedina96 Jul 2 @ 2:31pm 
I have download the chex3 thing and it plays now but what if you want to play with mods ?
Rastrelly Jul 5 @ 6:47am 
[cough] Sorceports [cough]
Tabris DarkPeace Jul 7 @ 1:24am 
Or just download the Doom Installer for x64[sourceforge.net].
Napoleon Jul 13 @ 8:04pm 
Originally posted by Tabris: Aussie Gamers:
Or just download the Doom Installer for x64[sourceforge.net].
Will this work for Doom 2 and Final Doom?
Silicon Vampire Jul 15 @ 1:53pm 
ZDoom (Internet search will find it)
Mijo Jul 15 @ 11:38pm 
ZDoom for a more vanilla experience. GZDoom for an enhanced experience. Zandronum for online gaming.

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