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ZiTo_HiMSeLF 6月11日 21時07分
Super Shotgun (Double Barrel)
I know the SSG is only in Doom II but is there any mods out there that bring it to Ultimate Doom? I've looked all over Google and couldn't find anything other that people talking about it. Nothing on moddb either :(
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Tabris DarkPeace 6月16日 4時20分 
The item would not appear in the maps in the IWAD, so without replacing the IWAD or loading a PWAD that edits every mission to have the SSG, no.
ZiTo_HiMSeLF 6月16日 11時14分 
Are there any of those out there already?
Rastrelly 6月16日 14時14分 
I doubt someone did something like that. Try BrutalDoom though ;)
ZiTo_HiMSeLF 6月16日 14時17分 
Yeah I was hoping someone figured out a way to bring the SSG to Ultimate Doom.

As for Brutal Doom, I have played it and love it. I don't know if I could really go back to the old way after playing that :)
Tabris DarkPeace 6月16日 23時18分 
Just bulk replace all 'in mission' shotguns (they give 8 ammo) with the SSG and leave the single shotgun to the Sergeants.

You'd also have to map the IWAD for Doom1 to Doom II.
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pauls 6月19日 13時43分 
I have also played doom a lot of times, and it is still cool, no matter with which port, or mod I play. Even BFG edition doom 1-2 are awesome!
ZiTo_HiMSeLF 6月19日 18時33分 
I love everything Brutal Doom adds, but there is still something about that classic music and seeing that playthrough going on behind the menu selections. Takes me back to when I only had the shareware.

Anyway, does anyone know of any mods that lets you bring the Double Barrell to Ultimate Doom? (Doom 1)
Tabris DarkPeace 6月24日 0時34分 
Map the IWAD for Doom1 to Doom II.
ZiTo_HiMSeLF 6月24日 1時11分 
How do I do that?
Tabris DarkPeace 6月24日 1時21分 
Port all the levels from Doom 1 over into Doom 2 as a PWAD, and replace all the shotguns (8 shells) items with the SSG instead.

Then load the PWAD.

Or just make a replacement IWAD for Doom 2 with all the Doom 1 levels in it.

It would take a weekend to do this and I don't have the time personally, but I could assist and I know it wouldn't be that hard to do with the right tools (e.g. WadEd, or DEU, etc.).
ZiTo_HiMSeLF 6月24日 1時23分 
I do not have any programs to edit wad files, nor have I ever. This would be a good mod to have though. To be honest I'm surprised there isn't one out there already.
Tabris DarkPeace 6月24日 1時24分 
I'm amazed that after 21 years or so no-one has done this, looking at what has been done.
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Rastrelly 6月24日 2時16分 
Ooooh, all right, there you go:

Shotgun is present in a single item at each episode, and in most cases is hidden in a secret area.
IDCLEV cheat will not work, use MAP ExMy in console
Use ZDoom or GZDoom
To launch drag DOOM_SSG.WAD on zdoom or gzdoom exe
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ZiTo_HiMSeLF 6月24日 2時18分 
The link doesn't seem to be working. Also by running this would it be possible to use it with Brutal Doom by chance?
Rastrelly 6月24日 2時21分 
ZiTo_HiMSeLF の投稿を引用:
The link doesn't seem to be working. Also by running this would it be possible to use it with Brutal Doom by chance?
For link: replace censoring with "r g h o s t" without spaces. I did not expect from steam such a cruelty.
For brutal doom: I see no reason not to, but anything can go wrong. Just drag them both XD
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