jaycee1320 May 22 @ 9:42am
stuck on title screen. nothing works
when i brng up doom, it brings up dosbox and does the usual until it gets into the doom title screen, where no keyboard key works and my mouse does nothing as well. out of the 6 times i tried so far, one attemps has put the game into a playably state, but the graphics were black and white, and were very fuzzy and it was virtuably unplayable. anybody have any suggestions?
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jaycee1320 May 22 @ 9:49am 
nvm somehow i got it to work
NukeAccumbens May 22 @ 4:34pm 
Okay.. Can you tell the forum what occurred? I (and I'm sure many others) are having this problem. Did it just suddenly start working, or did you do something to make it work?
jaycee1320 May 22 @ 8:36pm 
i clicked on the "launch doom button" and it launched dosbox wich in turn, started doom where nothing worked
The Black Knight May 22 @ 8:54pm 
Originally posted by jaycee1320:
anybody have any suggestions?

Read the other many threads in the forum about the same issue...
Or you could try the guide section.
jaycee1320 May 23 @ 5:33am 
ok thanks
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