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alisonmoffat65 8月16日 13時06分
How do I change my fov
I do not know if it will work, but might be fun to try out
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Tabris DarkPeace 8月16日 13時12分 
Good question, you may need to play using a Doom Source Port.
alisonmoffat65 8月16日 13時15分 
I am using Zandronum
Tabris DarkPeace 8月16日 13時29分 
Check the Zandronum forums.

It might be in the ReadMe, or just hidden in a menu option.

Assuming you can do it using Zandronum that is.
Conrad 8月18日 6時02分 
It's indeed possible with Zandronum, just lower the console and type:

"fov" to see current fov
"fov [number]" to change fov
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alisonmoffat65 8月18日 7時02分 
Thank you
alisonmoffat65 8月18日 7時02分 
Are there any others commands that are useful to know
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