The Ultimate DOOM

The Ultimate DOOM

Retro Menace Aug 5, 2014 @ 12:46pm
Zandronum causes every application to cover taskbar??
Sorry if this is somewhat off topic, however I have found no threads via google searches relating to this specific problem, so I though I might appeal to the Steam threads for this game for a solution, since this problem only occurs with Doom. Specifically with Zandronum, which I use to play Brutal Doom.

Long story short -- every single time I stop playing Brutal Doom, all of my applications suddenly gain the ability to cover up my taskbar at the bottom of the screen, and up their resolution slightly so they are large enough to do so.

As someone who has been used to always seeing his Taskbar always (except for playing games in fullscreen) this is highly annoying. And all of the solutions I've seen and tried online have not worked (press f11 to toggle fullscreen, auto-hide then turn off auto-hide on the taskbar properties, etc).

So, if anybody else has had this oddly specific problem, let me know if there's a solution. It would be much appreciated.
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Report it as a bug to the Zandronum Development team.
- They don't read these forums btw.
Retro Menace Aug 7, 2014 @ 11:15am 
Alright, I figured this was something that might've already been fixed by the community with some workaround. But if not, I'll go to their forums.

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