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X1-52 Oct 4, 2013 @ 10:28pm
The problem with singleplayer retrovirus...
... is that the author doesn't understand the weaknesses of the original 6DOF genre (aka descent and others like forsaken).

Descent was unique in that the multiplayer ended up being the key for what made 6DOF great fun. But the single player however always was descents greatest weakness, it was underwhelming. Lots of older games had ♥♥♥♥ty SP (quake 1/2, Descent) because they didn't grasp what makes a single player game fun.

Many of the enemies in retrovirus are exact clones from descent (the fish and the claw monsters). Although in different skins.

You needed to find the fun before making a game, you should have had just a small level, a few enemies and hashed out what the main weaknesses of the older games were.

The problems with retrovirus are the same that plagued Descent singleplayer:

1) Levels that are tedious. There's too much scan/clean viral growth. The enemies are really lame, and there really isn't enough combat area (aka everything takes place in tight spaces).

2) You need better enemies and they have to be satisfying to kill. The quasi-biologically inspired monsters and the infected observers really aren't very interesting.

3) Descent was really at its heart an action game, this game is much more slow paced.

4) Levels that are disorienting, while the graphics for the levels are neat, they are seriously disorienting. 3D levels need to be put to careful use, many of the best levels from descent were not fully 3d complexes, many were fairly simple 2D layouts with floors.

5) Levels induce headaches. Moving in 3D is disorienting or a lot of people, so you need to keep levels "level" and structure 3D levels in terms of 'floors'.

6) The combat needs serious work, the weapons and lack of interesting combat ideas is the heart and soul of why retrovirus really sucks, the weapons are just clones of traditional weapons. The ship has no special moves really (aka stop thinking of the ship as a 'ship', try to think of it is a magic thing you can make do whatever cool thing you want).

You need to take cues from horror genre, descent as a game was really about darkness and monstrous robots. Caves should be dark/scary, not overflowing with high tech neon lights.

Enemies need more inspiration from oldschool FPS like serious sam, descent is an action game and it feels like a really really slow paced pseudo 6DOF RPG.
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