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frymillstrum 2013年10月4日 11時27分
Looks like it would get you a headache very quickly
It is very colourful, I'mnot sure I even want to try it for the free weekend....
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Plaid 2013年10月4日 11時34分 
color gives you a headache?
frymillstrum 2013年10月4日 11時39分 
Vibrant colour like this yeah. How is this a new phenomenon to you?
Plaid 2013年10月4日 14時48分 
How? I don't know.
color doesn't bother me.

Should there be black and white versions of every game to satisfy those who are allergic to color?
最近の変更はPlaidが行いました; 2013年10月4日 14時50分
Plastefuchs 2013年10月4日 15時32分 
Some people are sensitive to different stuffs. Either try it out or leave it? <.<
Plaid 2013年10月4日 19時44分 
Hmm, you could try out an ENB mod or SweetFX to desaturate the colors or, if you don't mind adjusting your whole desktop (though you could probably use profiles), set the color in your video control panel or on your monitor.
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