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Wardiaper Sep 6, 2013 @ 9:17pm
Another game like this
This looks interesting and kinda like Retrovirus. Called NeonXSZ and saw it on desura. Website is

Here's their description - NeonXSZ is our little homage to Descent combined with the frenetic adrenaline pumping feel and gameplay mechanics of Quake. Then add Diablo's loot explosions, rpg elements, levelling up, procedurally generated environments and enemies. Finish it all off with truly open-world gameplay inside a micro-ecosystem of up to one thouasand unique little AI dudes from four seperate warring factions and the result is a game quite unlike anything that has gone before.

I don't see system specs, but on desura ( in the comments they are talking about it running on laptops with integrated graphics (HD3000) at 30 FPS. This may be too good to be true. I'll update this post later tomorrow. It is supposed to release in about 6 hours I think.

Here is a preview from -


I may or may not update this later. So busy with work and too many games. If it sucks I will make sure to edit this post, but from browsing their forum and desura it looks like a winner.


My one and only update after installing it half an hour ago - I love retrovirus but it makes my computer sweat a lot and runs poorly for me (old computer). This NeonXSZ I was worried when I read it used Unity because a lot of very bad games are made with Unity and/or a lot of games that are not optimized. After a short play, I can say that i will be playing NeonXSZ a lot of hours. It is running 60 FPS on my old dual core computer with an NVIDIA 9600GT (which is 4-5 years old). Game doesn't seem to push my CPU or GPU hard at all (low temps on both CPU and GPU and the game is only using just over 500 MB of RAM, so not a memory hog like a few indie games that don't know the term memory management). There is no hint whatsoever it even uses Unity. I can usually tell a Unity powered game from a mile away but some devs are masters at programming - it's the noob devs that can't figure out how to put one AI on screen without your FPS plummeting.

The level I am playing (I think it's one huge world) once you are in the game has zero load screens and is freakin' enormous. It doesn't have the density of stuff like Retrovirus, but the art style, the number of AI flying around, it is a work of genius. The flying itself feels great to me, more newtonian where you continue to slide. I'm sure if I searched there is probably something to stabilize you a bit (like letting go of the forward key to slowly come to a stop). I've played a little with keyboard and mouse and tried my 360 controller which seems to work perfectly (except not sure which buttons fire weapons, maybe have to rebind keys).

Anyway, best $10 (half price on desura but not sure for how long) I spent in a long, long time.
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Pepe_DeJefe Sep 8, 2013 @ 10:01pm 
The fact that it also takes place in a cyberspace setting seems... coincidental. Also I'm not a fan of ninties style giant screen-occluding HUDs. No amount of nostalgia goggles will magically make that a good idea again, so I hope there's a way to turn it off in 1st person view.

Also looks from the pics/vids like a consistant horizon plane is strongly enforced in the environment design. I feel like the lack of a horizon plane is a major defining element of the Descent genre (such as it is), so that feels wrong to me. Without that it's just a flight sim in an enclosed space, not a Descent-type.

Big, BIG points for being rougelike though, if I'm reading the description correctly. All throughout playing Retrovirus I was thinking "oh my god, THIS GAME NEEDS A ROUGELIKE MODE SO BAD IT HURTS".
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