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Lord Bronas 2013年6月4日 11時20分
Question concerning 3d surround
Hello and potato to you. I have a small problem and I wondered if anyone had a solution.

Retrovirus works great in nvidia surround, it looks fantastic in 3d vision. However I'm an idiot and I have 3D surround but I can't get the game to work with that. Is there anyone who knows if it possible to enable it somehow?
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ColdEquation  [開発者] 2013年6月4日 11時53分 
Nvidia enables 3D only under specific conditions. First, the game must be fullscreen (not just borderless), so you will have to select a resolution under "Window Mode" in the graphics options. Secondly, many configurations require a specific resolution, usually 1920x1080@24Hz or 1280x720@60Hz (recommended). So you should be able to see the effect with 1280x720 set specifically. Also make sure that you have enabled 3DVision in the Nvidia Control panel, of course. Let me know if all that is set up and it's still not working for you.
Lord Bronas 2013年6月4日 13時45分 
Thank you for the quick response. The problem I have is that I can't select the 3d compatible resolution 5870 x 1080 in the option list, the highest I can select is 3840 x 720.
ColdEquation  [開発者] 2013年6月5日 0時25分 
Ah, sorry, we wrote our graphics engine in XNA, which is limited to render targets of 4096 pixels on a side. We are investigating other solutions, but they will take a while. Until then, the game will need to run at a lower resolution.
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