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ColdEquation  [developer] Jun 3, 2013 @ 4:50pm
Retrovirus Patch v1.0.5706 (June 2013)
Version 1.0.5706 changes:
- Added the Retrovirus Editor, allowing creation of mods and upload to Steam Workshop.
- Added mod support to Retrovirus.
- Added CentralSorting and Terminus challenge levels.
- Added second Domination capture point to Horseshoe.
- Fixed worm not breaking through the Desktop if the framerate is low.
- Fixed occasional crash when unloading audio.
- Fixed doors re-locking in Cathedral co-op.
- Increased Dual Strike Enlarge damage, reduced fire rate.
- Reduced damage over time from the Thrash Trouble.
- Colored grenades and mines by team.
- Changed MOBA cores to spherical models.