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Clevername02 2013年2月28日上午7:09
online co op issue
When me and a friend tried to play co op online, whoever wasn't hosting wasn't able to kill enemies, or do much of anything, and they couldn't see what the other player was doing, until suddenly the game would catch up and a whole bunch of enemies would die all at once. Sorry if I'm not explaining it well. Has Anyone else experienced this and do you know of a fix I can do?
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ColdEquation  [开发者] 2013年2月28日上午9:28 
We have noticed this problem in situations where the game sends more data than the connection can allow. You can try to free up some bandwith by checking for other downloads, programs like Skype, or switch who is hosting.

The next patch improves network traffic substantually across all game modes, so this case will improve soon.
Clevername02 2013年2月28日上午9:33 
Alright, good to hear! I will try and make sure neither of us are running any other downloads next time. BTW is 500 kilobytes per second enough bandwidth for the game?
Ozamataz Buckshank 2013年3月6日上午9:16 
We just dropped a patch last week that fixed a lot of the connecitivity issues people were reporting. Did it fix your issue here?
Clevername02 2013年3月6日上午9:22 
I'll test it as soon as my friend gets back from the bahamas
Clevername02 2013年3月9日下午1:51 
works great, thank you!
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