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SCE_Tunguska May 18, 2013 @ 8:03pm
is there really 41 lvls?
just asking
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SCE_Tunguska May 30, 2013 @ 4:18pm 
wow my headset will not work with the game
SCE_Tunguska May 31, 2013 @ 11:24am 
ok nvm i got my headset to work but steam overlay not working?
ColdEquation  [developer] May 31, 2013 @ 1:33pm 
There are 41 areas divided by level transitions, and some are very small (< 1 minute), while others can take over 20 minutes to play.

Steam overlay is supported. Have you verified that the hotkey for it is the same as you remember? Are you using multiple monitors, or anything else that might affect the overlay? Also, what window mode are you using in the graphics options?
SCE_Tunguska May 31, 2013 @ 4:16pm 
just got home let me try again
SCE_Tunguska May 31, 2013 @ 4:28pm 
ok i did the cache file thing still didnt work

i use the steam overlay all the time in other games to reply to messages just now noticed it wasnt working for this game
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Der Grins Jun 3, 2013 @ 11:32am 
Works fine for me. Try deleting and reinstalling the game. Sometimes the cache verification does not find all the errors.
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