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He Who Bought WinRar 2013년 5월 13일 오후 3시 43분
Me Being An Idiot
Now I Have Bought The Game, but I cannot seem to start it up. It just gets to the launcher but then when I press play, it does nothing.
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ColdEquation  [개발자] 2013년 5월 13일 오후 9시 31분 
Can you check the task manager if Retrovirus.exe is running? If not, you can try starting the game directly from where it installs to the Steam directory. If even that doesn't work, there may be a reason why in the Windows Event Viewer, likely labelled a .NET Runtime error.
Slender Mann 2013년 6월 10일 오후 4시 57분 
this happened to me, I had to delete steam (all of it), reinstall graphics driver, reinstall visual c++ and .NET framework, then reinstall steam, that fixed it fine. You can back up youre steamapps folder so that you can just drag the other games back to the new one, but make sure you re download retrovirus
He Who Bought WinRar 2013년 6월 11일 오전 7시 50분 
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